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Established in 1996 as Aerosol Can Making, this division got renamed and established as Hi Pack division in 2003. This plant specializes in manufacturing of tin cans and its several components.
Asian Aerosol Pvt. Ltd.
Aero Industries
Precision Valve (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Naisa Laboratory
Hi Pack
Medisol Life Science Pvt Ltd.
Professional competency:  
With automated Soudronic-Lanico combination CAN producing Lines and Soudronic Body Maker, Lacquering & Curing Unit, Lanico Flanger-Seamer and Testing Facility, the production capacity of this unit is:
120 Cans per minute for diameter range 45 mm – 110 mm.
(For Aerosol cans the diameter range is 45 mm, 52mm, 57mm, 65mm)

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