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The pioneer company, founded in 1973, has been the preferred partner of companies for aerosol, personal care, home care and industrial products. We are the end-to-end solution for aerosol and non-aerosol product manufacturing. With our expansion across India, we continue to meet MNC”s growth expectations for Indian subcontinent market and international market. We have been proud partners of several companies for activities such as aerosol products, liquid formation and filling and aerosol valve and tin-plate containers.
Asian Aerosol Pvt. Ltd.
Aero Industries
Precision Valve (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Naisa Laboratory
Hi Pack
Medisol Life Science Pvt Ltd.
Professional competency:  
Asian Aerosol Pvt. Ltd. operates on high-quality automated filling system from Terco USA.  The production capacity of the whole system is:
Automated filling system: - 1,02,000 cans per shift
Liquid filling system:- 40-100 cans per minute

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