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The founder of Asian Aerosol Group, Bhogilal Patel has been the visionary leader with B.E. (India) and M.S. (USA) and more than 30 years of experience in the Aerosol industry.  We became the leading company in India in personal care and home care products filler systems.  Our dedication to offering the best quality products and services has driven us to incorporate highest standards of performance and results such as follows:
State-of-the-art facilities with unattended safe space for filling of aerosol propellant as per C.S.M.A. Guidelines
FDA approved manufacturing plants
Latest processing technology and separate plants for product groups to avoid cross contamination
Separate facilities for Different Product Groups to avoid Cross Contamination
Strict GMP enforcement and manufacturing discipline
Firm delivery commitments with short lead-times
Company history  

We have been a leading company in India to achieve several milestones of success in the industry

We are the first company to:    
Establish a state-of-the-art aerosol manufacture unit in 1973.
Launch aerosol products with environment-friendly (ozone-friendly) LPG propellents.
Export aerosol and liquid products internationally.
Offer tin can/valve and filling aerosol services under one roof.
Feature a commissioned technology centre for alcohol based aerosol deodorant and valuable quality analysis
and control measures for the products.
Develop and manufacture  aerosol and non-aerosol products for MNCs.
Aerosol Deodorant Shaving Foam

After Shave Lotion

Water based Air Fresheners
Dry Air Fresheners Mouth Freshener Glass Bottle Perfumes Anti-Perspiration Aerosol
Foot Sprays Audio-Video Head Cleaners Silicone Sprays Glass Cleaner
Insecticides Sprays Maintenance Sprays Automotive Aerosols Pain Relief Spray
Our Vision For You    
                      Quality assurance is what we work by, not just a promise to make.    

Complete Quality Maintenance is our motto. At Asian Aerosol Pvt. Ltd., we have committed to provide 100%  dependable results. We believe in creating environment for mutual trust and responsibility that promotes our accountability to results.

Asian Aerosol group operates under the guidelines of Schedule "M" of Drugs & Cosmetic Rules 1945 and a Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Insecticide Unit of Aerosol Industry accredited with ISO 9002 and Quality Standard certification in September 2000. We assure you that each product offers the exact specifications and a rigorous inspection process maintains the expected quality standards. Our manufacturing unit adheres religiously to GMP procedures and conforms to  cal and international regulatory authorities including the FDA and EPA.

We establish our professional integrity through GMP employee committee, supplier and customer audits. These bodies assist us in constant development of  quality  of products. This ongoing process enables us offer better results. It is our commitment as an industry leader.


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